Our Portfolio: Residential

Residential design has long been a hallmark of Arcus’ work, with projects ranging in size from entire communities to small-scale modifications, and every manner of new and renovated home in between. Regardless of size or scale, our projects demonstrate a commitment to meet the functional needs of the families that inhabit them, and to forms that are elegant and timeless. We take our inspiration from each client’s region, site, and family context to create houses that are comforting, inviting, and good for daily life or entertaining. We tie the practical with the sculptural, link the indoors with the outdoors, and capitalize on beautiful views and personal preferences. Our residential designs are more than houses; they become homes.

  • Artist Studio
  • Flick House
  • Gowen House
  • Buck Hill Falls House
  • Malvern House
  • Pool House
  • Ruskin House
  • St. Davids House
  • Small Projects